HDI Solution Centers

HDI is pleased to work with leaders in our industry to bring you these resources. Below you will find solution centers that provide white papers, webinars, case studies, research, and other resources on specific IT service and technical support-related topics. Whether you are faced with a specific business need or challenge, or just want to learn more about new solutions, these resources will provide the information you need.

If you are interested in providing content for your own solution center, please contact Heidi Cummings.

The following is a list of the current solution centers:

How do you create a service catalog your customers will use—and, dare we say, love? Use these great resources from Cherwell Software to jump-start your service catalog project. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving what you have, you’ll find great advice from industry experts like Malcolm Fry, Eric Krueger, and others that will help you avoid common mistakes.
This solution center, sponsored by LogMeIn, explores how, why, when, and where customer engagement is critical to the success of customer service and technical support organizations. These resources provide insight into optimizing customer engagement to increase satisfaction, improve loyalty, and advance the overall customer experience. Visit the solution center and download the resources to learn more about how customer service and technical support professionals can manage today’s customer engagement challenges.

End users and business and technology leaders are demanding more from IT: the former want greater flexibility, accessibility, and mobility, while the latter want IT to drive business productivity by delivering new services while also being accountable for improving service quality, limiting risk, and aligning IT investments with business productivity goals. The resources in this solution center, brought to you by CA Technologies, will bring you up to date on modern approaches to ITSM, including adopting, automating, and integrating delivery models like SaaS to improve the speed of service delivery.

Benchmarking is a well-established tool for measuring, managing, and improving performance. Effective benchmarking enables you to quantify the performance of your organization, compare it to others in your industry, identify performance gaps, and develop action plans to improve and optimize performance. In this solution center, MetricNet provides industry metrics, benchmarks, and other resources to set your organization on the path to world-class performance!

A dramatic new approach to ITSM. There’s a new, process-driven approach to IT service management—one that allows IT and business to work together and that can help you address the flexibility, visibility, and usability challenges inherent in traditional ITSM solutions. Learn more in this Serena Software solution center.

As technology evolves, technical support professionals are required to master a broad set of skills in order to provide high-quality service. While these professionals are expected to be knowledgeable, they also need to begin their careers with a solid foundation. CompTIA and HDI provide the ideal training and certification to build this foundation.

Today users expect the IT services they use at work to be as good as the services consumers choose to use at home: intuitive, social, and available everywhere. Simply put, your users demand IT that just simply works.

Born in the cloud, ServiceNow IT Service Management help the best IT thinkers to transform from the legacy status quo to a new level of world-class IT service.

The broad and increasing acceptance of SaaS indicates that the approach is here to stay. How can you most effectively leverage SaaS solutions? This solution center, sponsored by BMC, examines best practices in IT service management against this backdrop, including the role of ITIL, help desk performance metrics, social channels, and related strategies that enhance IT staff productivity.

In response to business pressures to increase service quality while reducing cost, many IT organizations are searching for tools to help move from reactive to proactive. Through this solution center sponsored by FrontRange, master the delicate balance between day-to-day operations and overarching strategy by providing optimal IT service desk support with the right tools.

The trends around cloud, virtualization, and a progressively more hostile threat landscape demand an understanding of who has access to what as these mixed environments present increasing security challenges. This Solution Center, sponsored by Courion, examines these challenges and offers a variety of approaches to securely managing user access.

From ongoing career management to keeping your resume current, brushing up on your interviewing skills, and navigating the current job marketing, career development can be a daunting task. The Career Center, sponsored by Robert Half Technology, provides resources to help you chart a course for success.