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In this ninety-minute webcast, MetricNet will provide an overview of best practices in service desk performance measurement, as well as key success factors in performance measurement from the industry's top performers. HEAR how the industry's top-performing service desks track and trend performance! LEARN how to use KPIs diagnostically to achieve world-class performance! APPLY industry best practices in service desk performance measurement! Watch the webcast »
The Seven Most Important KPIs for the Service Desk

Today’s service desk technologies and reporting packages make it easy to capture enormous quantities of performance data.  Most service desks can tell you everything from last month’s average speed of answer to yesterday’s average handle time.  But what does it all mean?  Despite the plethora of data available, most IT managers cannot answer a very basic question: How is my service desk performing?

The Economic Impact of Support: What's Your Value Proposition?

Most IT departments can tell you how much they spend on support, but few can quantify the economic impact of support. The result is that many technical service and support organizations are on the defensive when it comes to budgeting and spending, and often struggle to get the funding needed to deliver even adequate levels of support. In recent years, a handful of pioneering organizations have adopted a different strategy when it comes to support—a strategy that emphasizes value over cost—and they routinely deliver benefits far in excess of their costs.

Continuous Improvement Through Service Desk Benchmarking

Benchmarking is a well-established tool for measuring and managing service desk performance. Effective benchmarking enables you to quantify the performance of your service desk and define the actions necessary to close any gaps.  The power of benchmarking is that it enables a service desk to save enormous amounts of time and energy by building upon the best practices of the industry’s top performers.

The Zen of Support

Newer support organizations tend to be chaotic and reactive, while more mature organizations are calm, focused, and disciplined. Those in the latter category operate very strategically, and exhibit a number of Zen-like qualities that enable them to achieve extraordinary success.  This article explores the Zen-like nature of the industry’s most successful support organizations, and presents a unifying framework for achieving excellence in user support.

Eight Essential KPIs for Desktop Support

Many of us have heard this sage advice: “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” This is particularly true for desktop support, where effective performance measurement is not just a necessity for effective management, it’s a prerequisite. However, industry benchmarks show that few desktop support organizations use KPIs effectively.  In this article, MetricNet presents a holistic framework for leveraging the full potential of desktop support KPIs.

The True Cost of Desktop Support

Many believe that the cost of desktop support consists entirely of the personnel, technology, and facilities that comprise the function. From a pure accounting perspective, this may be true. However, there are many less-obvious costs that factor into the true cost of desktop support.  In this article, MetricNet uses benchmarking data to demonstrate that the cost of desktop support is often much higher than expected.

Case Studies in Service Desk and Desktop Support Collaboration

The service desk and desktop support have historically operated independently of one another.  Most support organizations are suboptimized due to lack of coordination and cooperation, and this leads to higher support costs and lower customer satisfaction.  This presentation, delivered by MetricNet at the HDI 2012 Conference & Expo, contains four case studies from support organizations that have “cracked the code” on service desk and desktop support collaboration.

The CIO's Service and Support Imperative: The Role of IT Support in Your Career Success

The IT industry is being transformed by numerous forces that have profound implications for end-user support. From virtualization to the pervasiveness of mobile devices, the dynamics affecting user support present both challenges and opportunities for CIOs. Those savvy enough to take advantage of these trends have an opportunity to create economic value for the enterprise, while simultaneously enhancing their career success.


MetricNet is the global leader in benchmarking for IT support and call center professionals. We maintain the world’s largest database of process and performance indicators for service desk, desktop support, and call center benchmarking. More than 1,000 corporations worldwide, including American Express, IBM, and General Motors, rely upon MetricNet benchmarks to run their businesses more effectively.

MetricNet is committed to making the benchmarking process quick and easy for its customers. We have pioneered a number of innovative techniques to ensure that every client receives fast, accurate benchmarks, with a minimum of time and effort. These benchmarks compare your performance in key areas, such as cost, productivity, and quality of service, to industry averages and best practices. Please visit www.metricnet.com to learn more.