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Today’s consumers have at their fingertips more tools for communication, collaboration, and creativity than were hardly even imagined just a decade or two ago. But as technology evolves and becomes even more integral to business operations, technical support centers likely will need more diversified skill sets, including staff with nontechnical skills, to meet the needs of their organizations in the future. View the report »
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The War for Talent

Rapidly changing technologies and the need for IT services that can support escalating business demands are putting extreme pressure on IT service leaders to fill roles with skilled candidates—and fast. In short supply, however, are qualified applicants: those who possess the right combination of in-demand skills, credentials, and experience. These hiring challenges, and their effects, have led to a “war for talent.”

Hiring Process Broken? Here’s How to Fix It
If you’re having trouble finding skilled IT personnel, the culprit could be your hiring process. It’s easier than ever to advertise job openings and reach countless candidates. But the paradox is that despite the expanded...
6 Can’t-Miss Salary Negotiation Tactics for IT Professionals
You know how and where to find technology job opportunities, craft attention-grabbing cover letters and resumes, and impress hiring managers with your skill set. But don’t stop there. An often-overlooked aspect of the...
The Key to Getting Ahead: Stay on Top of Tech Training
Resting on your laurels after landing a job is not wise in the ever-changing field of IT. Ongoing tech training could mean the difference between idling in your current role and moving ahead — and...
Get It Together: Tips for Creating an IT Org Chart
Are you receiving multiple emails about the same subject from different employees? Or are certain people left out of the loop on important projects they should know about? Worse yet, are tasks piling up because...
Shake It Up: How to Select a Candidate Who Pushes Your IT Team
Look at the companies that were giants only a decade ago, but are now defunct or limping along. For many, the main reason for their decline is the failure to innovate. In the fast-evolving world...
How to Nail the IT Cover Letter in 3 Steps
Many technology professionals think cover letters are no longer an important part of the job application package, but that’s not the case. While your resume lists pertinent facts about your job history, your IT...

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